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Most books are amazing. That is why I own over a thousand. I mostly read the classics or young adult. My biggest regret in life is I don't have more shelves to put my books on.

I see a future in this series

The Mind Readers (The Mind Readers Series) (Volume 1) - Lori Brighton

So I did like this book but honestly Lewis was being a real drag. The ending showed some real potential. I think the next books will be great and I will probably like them a lot more than this one just because none of the book will be wasted on getting to know anybody.

Evolution by Kelly Carrero

Evolution - Kelly Carrero

Evolution was a free book on my Kindle and it was good for a free book. I thought Jade and Aiden were ok characters. I didn't like that we never got to really see there relationship. The whole story was a little strange and barely explained. It was all a bit contrived. I will probably read the next ones if they are free but wouldn't pay for it. It was a nice quick read. So if you want a quick read this is your book.

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Ignite - Kaitlyn Davis

Lovely book. Great short read. Very interesting characters and a wonderful story.

YAY for Mermaids! :)

Everblue - Brenda Pandos

I have always loved mermaids but these ones were so awesome. Usually when someone writes about mermaids it is really awkward but Brenda Pandos did great in making it all seem natural. I loved everyone especially Fin and Ash. Can't wait to read the others. Love this cover.

Markus Zusak quote
Markus Zusak quote


So it is the end :(

With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent

Wow. That was a great ending to the Soul Screamers series. Loved it all. I just can't tell you how completely satisfied with that ending. Tod is awesome. My favorite hands down. If you have read the previous books you will not be disappointed with this one. Goodbye Soul Screamers, you will be missed.

Ghost story!!!

Gold Manor Ghost House (A Four Families novel) - Merry Brown

Wow. I did not think this book would be as good as it was. I have just been reading books on my Kindle that have started to pile up. Honestly it scared me some too. I read it at night if that helps explain anything. I don't think the book was meant to be scary. I am just that lame. Adam and Anna were great together. Their relationship totally worked. The ups and downs of the whole book were very exciting and I could not put the book down. Corey, you are on the bottom of my list. He was just super annoying and I got bored of him very quickly. There was a strange part of the book where I got lost because it seemed everything was moved very quickly and not very realistically. Although it was all brought back together in the end. I thought the end was rather abrupt and it left enough unsaid that it could have used a second book. But overall very good book. Recommended for those who like a few ghosts and some supernatural. The cover is also pretty cool. 

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From -- It was awesome to see ASHFALL make this list!

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I seriously laughed when I saw this.

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Read, read, read. Read everything! -- William Faulkner

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Super cute.



Entangled - Nikki Jefford

Very interesting. Gray was adorable. Loved Raj. Charlene, I was really hoping they were cut her head off or just give her body to Gray. The fact that Gray is in Stacey's body is kind of annoying. I wanted her to have her own body back. She better get it in the next or third book. Nolan, he started off so sweet but then he has to go all creepy weird and obsessive. Ryan was super annoying and I  didn't  really get the point of him except to be annoying(he did extract Gray but they could have just had Nolan take that part). I absolutely love the covers though. The second book is my favorite cover. can't wait to read the other two. Btw don't let the three stars throw you. I did like it. Just saying. Good reading everyone.

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This made me laugh.