Blood Feud (Drake Chronicles) - Alyxandra Harvey

Logan is just the best guy in the world. Isabeau is so lucky to get him. Even though my favorite couple is still Nicholas and Lucy, Logan and Isabeau were pretty cute together. I really hope they bring back Lucy and Nicholas more. It is almost as if once they get their book they are forgotten about. She should just make all her books massive so that she can have everyone's pov. So back to the book. I thought Logan's outfits were so funny sometimes. Only Logan can pull off the look though. Anybody I saw nowdays dressed like that I would call an idiot. He was just so sweet to Isabeau. I really liked her too because she wasn't one of those girls who acted like she was way better than everyone  and was super annoying. Isabeau knew she was way better than everyone (besides Helena) and she still acted cool about it not rubbing it in peoples faces. I really look forward to reading the other books in this series. I also look forward to seeing what else the Drake boys have. :) (Btw Really like this cover for some reason.)