Ghost story!!!

Gold Manor Ghost House (A Four Families novel) - Merry Brown

Wow. I did not think this book would be as good as it was. I have just been reading books on my Kindle that have started to pile up. Honestly it scared me some too. I read it at night if that helps explain anything. I don't think the book was meant to be scary. I am just that lame. Adam and Anna were great together. Their relationship totally worked. The ups and downs of the whole book were very exciting and I could not put the book down. Corey, you are on the bottom of my list. He was just super annoying and I got bored of him very quickly. There was a strange part of the book where I got lost because it seemed everything was moved very quickly and not very realistically. Although it was all brought back together in the end. I thought the end was rather abrupt and it left enough unsaid that it could have used a second book. But overall very good book. Recommended for those who like a few ghosts and some supernatural. The cover is also pretty cool.